Is it really possible to get great results with such a short workout?

Absolutely. Our workouts are designed to be short but high-intensity, which means you are exerting more energy in a shorter period of time. We abide by the large amount of scientific research that supports HIT training as an effective workout.

I have injuries/health complications/physical limitations. Am I still able to complete this workout?

Yes! Training with a more controlled approach significantly reduces the risk of injury. Your sessions can be tailored exactly to your needs. Many of our clients have limitations that require us to modify their sessions for them.

What should I wear to workout?

You can wear whatever you’d like to workout with us as long as you feel comfortable in it. Our program is designed to omit sweating, keeping you cool through your entire session. Whether you’re in exercise clothing, business attire, jeans, etc., it will not affect your workout.( no dresses or skirts)

What if I want to keep exercising during the week in addition to my workout? 

Walking, yoga, sports, and other forms of light physical activity can serve as a wonderful addition to your workout routine. You may feel more inclined to be active the longer you train, since building muscle and increasing your strength will give you greater energy. 

How important is recovery?

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Every time you workout, you are digging into your energy reserves. This breakdown and weakening of muscle must be balanced by recovery and building up. The more intense the workout, the more time must be allowed for repair. It is the recovery time that makes muscle fibers bigger and stronger.

Will this workout make me bulky?

This question is often asked by our female clients, and the simple answer is “no.” By strength training at a very slow-motion you are building lean muscle mass. This lean muscle will tone your body and increase your metabolism, burning more fat. The results will be a smaller, leaner, firmer body.

I am new to exercise and working out. Is this program going to be right for me?

Our job as trainers here at 10Ten is to work at your pace and build strength from wherever your starting point is. Slow-motion strength training is an all-levels exercise program designed for anyone from a beginner to more advanced individuals.

When will I start to see results?

It is different for everyone, but the average is anywhere from six to twelve weeks. There are many additional factors that can contribute to the effectiveness of your sessions, such as diet, lifestyle, and how hard you challenge your muscles. 

Will I always see the same trainer?

Our goal is to keep you with the same trainer, but if schedules are conflicting, our priority will be to accommodate your preferred session time. However, we aim to keep things as consistent as possible for you.