Strength Training & Assisted Stretching

Strength Training


We offer one-on-one total body workouts using the superslow method on MedX equipment. Our namesake, 10Ten Fitness, comes from the ideology that clients aim to take 10 seconds to raise the weight 10 seconds to lower the weight. This accomplishes two important keys to a successful workout routine: First, it becomes more effective because we are trying to eliminate momentum, which allows the muscles to do more of the work. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it makes lifting weights much safer than traditional methods. We can achieve such slow speeds by using machines that are calibrated to be low-friction and biomechanically precise. In addition to our machines, our knowledgeable trainers are able to tailor each client’s routine and settings to maximize their potential no matter where they are starting from. Sessions last approximately 20-30 minutes and are recommended 1-2 times per week. Benefits include muscle gain, improved bone density, increased metabolism, decreased back pain, and stress relief.



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